Latest News from Stewart and Carol

A Royal viewing and reading

On 1st February, HRH The Prince of Wales visited the ‘Metamorphosis’ ikonography exhibition at The London Jesuit Centre.

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Carol’s latest ikon, Archangel Raphael, has been chosen for inclusion in a new exhibition

Carol’s latest ikon, Archangel Raphael, has been chosen for inclusion in the new exhibition, ‘Metamorphosis’ at The London Jesuit Centre  in Mount Street, in London’s Mayfair.

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New poem - 'No Shows Booked At Present'

A January 2021 poem inspired by that poignant notice currently prevalent on many performers’ websites.

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Now starring as…

Bloomsbury Publishing have produced Stewart’s poem ‘Somewhere In The Library’, from their anthology - Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble - (poems chosen by Paul Cookson), as a download poster for schools and libraries with wonderful artwork by Eilidh Muldoon.  Poster available from

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‘Somewhere In The Library’

‘Somewhere In The Library’, Stewart’s poem from A Poet’s Notebook…has just been published in Bloomsbury’s new anthology of ‘magical poems’, Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble, along with two other of Stewart’s poems.   Here is the lad himself reading the poem, which was part of a special presentation for this year’s National Poetry Day.

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Especially, now…

Stewart’s latest collection, “Especially, now…” is available now, only from the Store.

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A new poem “…do you remember the Shire…?” from Stewart.

On the video you may detect the faint sounds of snoring from ‘Poppy’, a senior Affenpinscher, who has heard it before.

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A Poet’s Notebook…with new poems, obviously…

Stewart’s 2018 collection, “A Poet’s Notebook…with new poems, obviously…” is available now from the Store, and from bookshops.

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